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Oh hello!

882114_10200405010623442_1322002697_oWell, hi. So I’ve never been much of a blogger until it was required for a class my first semester of college. But long story short: I’m hoping this bloggy blog will be a good way for friends and family to get some insight into what kind of adventures I’ll be up to this summer, and for me so that I can look back on all the neat0 things did. Woohoo!

So the basics– I am working as a Summer Staffer for Group Mission Trips this summer from now until August 2nd. I am part of a four-person team; my role being Crew Manager, where I will assign youths and adults to crews that will be working on sites doing home repair projects for needy residents of a local community in the US. Such projects consist of interior/exterior painting as well as carpentry tasks like building porches and wheelchair ramps. Many of the youths are high school age, and our job as Summer Staffers is to help youth encounter Jesus and grow in their relationship with God.

I will be travelling to Tabernacle, NJ to help set up a workcamp and then off to Norristown, PA; Harbor Creek, PA; and Troy, MO to set up and run workcamps and hopefully bring a week of life-giving service to youths and adults through daily work and programs.

To say I’m enthralled is an understatement. Sure, I’m nervous a little, but more of the exciting nerves, like ready-for-a-challenge nerves. I’m so thankful to be graced with the opportunity of a lifetime and I hope you’ll follow my journey this summer as my crew and I travel and help youths see the love of Jesus Christ in the people around them and within themselves. Check back often! I’ll try to post as much as I can!