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TONS Of Fun!

Today I bought 1800 lbs of water. That’s 2050 water bottles. That’s basically a ton of water. Like literally.

photo (11)

On top of that, I also retrieved 74 jars of peanut butter and 700 Ziplock bags from good ole Super Walmart. I kid you not; Super Walmart is the best.

Why, you may ask, do I need these massive amounts of food items? Why, for camp of course! Unfortunately, these did not come in the food order with the rest of the goods for camp, so I had the pleasure of evacuating Walmart of all their water bottles, Ziplock bags, and peanut butter. Sorry ’bout it!

Anyway, that was my fun for the day — picking up and driving a pallet of water back to the school. Not gonna lie, it was tons of fun! (haha puns.)

That is all. Still on setup week. Red shirt volunteers come into town tomorrow AND WE GET TO MOVE INTO THE SCHOOL!!! YAHOO FOR SCHOOL! We’ll be finalizing setup and welcoming campers on Sunday! Can’t wait!!!

love & other drugs,


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Dumela! (which is hello in Tswana and is totally irrelevant to this post)

Sorry it’s been so long. The camp in New Jersey that we were helping out with had zero internet connection and was literally in the boonies of New Jersey. It was located at Delanco Camp in Tabernacle, NJ and it was all summer camp style (which is my forte, being a girl scout camp counselor for many years). Most workcamps take place in a school but nope! This one was literal camp with bugs and cabins galore! During the course of our time there, I successfully plucked three ticks off campers and managed to smell like forest at the end of each day. It grew on me, not gonna lie.

So update: We just arrived in Norristown, PA on Tuesday afternoon and our crew got a nice afternoon off, spending it at the King of Prussia Mall — (if you ever get the chance, GO THERE! IT’S HUGE!!!) We also spent the next day sleeping in until almost 1pm and seeing Man of Steel in theaters. (I also recommend this movie for all you superhero-lovers out there. Beware of cliche lines and excessive explosions.)

But back in Tabernacle, New Jersey, it was my first workcamp experience as a red shirt, and boy was it a good one. Although the camp was very nontraditional, the skills and lessons I learned during my time there prepared me better than any training could do. It was awesome to see the best crew manager, my peer trainer from summer staff, in action and have a fantastic Director/MC who really understood and embraced all this camp offered. Through its challenges, there was great opportunity, and one was to catch a glimpse of what camp might look like and feel like before I got to my own the following week.

This aspect specifically hit me on Sunday — when campers arrived. They bring such a joy and life to the camp and it reminds me of why I’m doing this job. In my own experience as a 4-time workcamp participant, every workcamp I’ve gone to has changed my life for the better. I’ve grown closer to God and learned more about myself as a person. I saw this in campers the very first night of program. They joined hands with their youth groups and squished together symbolizing the support system of friends that they have currently among their youth group and family. Secondly, they spread wide, still holding hands, representing the space for many people to enter into their lives this week, including: crewmates, new friends, residents… This moment, simple yet powerful, showed me how God works in mysterious ways. Lives were being changed. Whether the campers knew it or not; if they were thinking about Jesus or about what dessert they wanted after program, they were being changed — commissioned by Christ to do His work this week and see Him in all they do.

I know I say this at the end of every post, but it’s true: I am so grateful for everything this job has given me. I think that’s the gift. It’s that through everything I do, everything that this job entails and all the randoms that get thrown in there, I learn to be thankful for all that God’s given. The people, especially.

Looking forward into the end of this week and the next: Crew I (my crew) is currently based in Norristown, PA, setting up for next week’s adventure in a gorgeous, HUGE facility at Norristown Area High School. We’re blessed with a great staff to be working with at the school and I’m SO SO excited to get rolling for when campers come on Sunday!

Also, there is a youth group from Newtown, CT, where the Sandy Hook shooting took place, that is coming to our camp this week. Many of them were affected by this tragedy and I just ask for your thoughts and prayers in this upcoming week.

Thanks & hoping for the best,


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Jersey Shore – But Actually.


Macy and I excited for Day 1!

Hey there! Thanks for tuning in!! Today was our first day on the job for real — like red shirts, name tags, notepads and pens… serious stuff.

But actually, today was a big day. As I’ve said before, this camp is a hurricane relief camp. Specifically, Group Mission Trips has partnered up with the Hurricane Sandy Relief Center and Jersey Cares, a nonprofit volunteer organization to provide volunteer workers for those whose homes were disastrously affected by Hurricane Sandy this past year.

Venturing through ugly Jersey traffic to various work sites, my crewmate, Ben, and I passed by some of the most desolate and destroyed homes on the East Coast. (Had we not been driving with our phones both about to die, I would have taken pictures.) As we crossed a bridge onto a long Jersey island, all you could see was gorgeous homes lined up on the shoreline like in a magazine. Driving closer did we realize that not all of these were the picturesque houses highlighted on the Travel Channel…

Many of these homes were wrecked from top to bottom and thrown about the shoreline. Some had whole halves of them ripped off and plenty were abandoned and marked with spray paint denoting their uninhabitable state. Some looked fine on the outside, but on the inside were completely gutted by water damage, while others suffered serious structural damage driving many families permanently out of their homes.

One of the residents that we talked to is currently renting out an apartment for herself and her 15-year-old son because her house is seeping with water damage, is half gutted and smells of musty drywall. She is recently widowed and has essentially no income since her husband was her business partner. As she was showing us her home, she apologized for getting emotional, and you could tell in her voice that the hurricane not only destroyed her home, but her life. It clawed at my heart to keep hearing stories of how water poured in from the roof and seeing debris thrown over people’s yards and house after house marked with yellow check marks…

Needless to say, this area needs help. And I’m glad Group and other nonprofits are here to help these people restore a part of their lives. Although it may not be much compared to the tremendous losses many of the homeowners here have faced, I really hope we can bring some life back to this town. Meeting these people has made such the difference — it’s not just those pictures on the news anymore. This is real life. People need help, and we’re able to bring that to them. And that’s the best part of my job.

Thanks again for tuning in; my crew will continue help set up and visit work sites these next few days in the Ocean County area and head out to Norristown, PA on Monday. The other crew, Crew M, will be stationed here for 4 weeks helping the victims of Sandy, running workcamps and bringing some love to the area.

Hope to see you all soon!



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Hitting The Road!

On Sunday, most of the crews on Summer Staff parted ways to go to our various locations around the country… Many hugs were spread and goodbyes exchanged, but silly enough, five crews ended up at the same Subway three hours later..!

photo (2)

Crew Managers of Summer Staff 2013 having a moment…

Our crew — Crew I — took off on Sunday for Tabernacle, NJ to help set up a hurricane relief camp with our fellow Summer Staffers in Crew M. Making frequent stops, but making good time, we plan to make it to New Jersey by Tuesday night so that there is extra time to set up and find out about this unique camp experience (since most workcamps are meant for basic home repair, not hurricane relief).

I’ll keep this post short and sweet because there isn’t a whole lot to say when all you do all day is drive cross-country through the great farms and country of the Midwest and Nebraska… They don’t call it the Great Plains for nothing!

Oh! but here’s a story for you… Our partner crew, Crew M, gained plenty of ground in front of us after a toll booth in Illinois, but then took a wrong turn and landed up in Michigan. Lessons to learn, kids: don’t try to navigate with one phone and communicate with the other at the same time. You will land up driving 25 minutes the wrong way into the wrong state.

Although that story wasn’t super fun or inspiring, I do hope that all you out there reading stay with me this summer. It’s a blessing.

Time to go pass out: http://mom.me/playroom/6572-kids-sleep-darndest-ways/


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All Good Things Must Come To An End

(Side Note: I apologize for posting so late in the night… Because of a tight schedule during the light hours, it’s hard to hop on a computer and type away for half an hour. But regardless, thanks for staying with me! It’s a blessing.)


Tonight was our last night together. Note how I say “we” and not “I”.

This is not by accident.

This is the story of Group Mission Trips’ Summer Staff. Not just me; not just my new friends, but all of us and our support system of dedicated adults and peer trainers at Group. Over the past two weeks, I’ve come to know and love some of the most respectable, loving and passionate people I’ve ever met, and not only are we co-workers, but friends with a similar goal of dedicating our summers to God, youth, and youth leaders.

The sadness that comes leaving such amazing people also comes with memories that will last me a lifetime and a family of Red Shirts that have my back across the country.

Some of these memories include: crazy last night games, goofy snapchats, zumba, a killer variety show, and friendships that will literally last my entire life.

image  photo (10)

image (2) image photo (11)

I can’t believe this week is coming to an end, but there comes a time where we all have to set out on our separate ways and do the work that God has set out for us. These people and this experience mean the world to me and it’s hard to believe that I won’t be seeing majority of these crazy people after Sunday morning. I know we will all do great things this summer, and all I ask of you as a follower is to pray for me and my fellow Summer Staffers as we venture across the country in God’s name. For safe travels, radical hospitality, fearless conversation, divine anticipation, and genuine community.

My crew, Crew I, will be heading out tomorrow morning at 9am MST in the Albino Rhino (a white Penske truck) and the Baby Rhino (a white Ford Focus) for Tabernacle, New Jersey. So if you see us, don’t be afraid to honk or give a shout-out on social media. We’d love to hear from you!

Facebook: Leslie Boey, Twitter: @itsleslieboii, Instagram: @itsleslieboii

Thanks for your support!

Leslie ♥

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Light of the World

group logoWednesday night. Come back from company dinner at Group headquarters. 8:00pm community and worship time. It would be a half hour they said. I could do errands and clean my four-times-worn jeans afterward they said… We stayed in the gym for 2.5 hours. What none of us had expected was a worship so powerful that within 2.5 hours, the whole spectrum of emotions would come out to greet us.

Shane, a co-worker and friend, started by reintroducing the topic that we all having something that we struggle with; a burden that we carry that keeps us from getting closer to God. What we need to do, according to scripture, is take those doubts, fears, troubles and surrender them to God. Only then, when you allow yourself to let go of your burdens, can you step into the full grace of the Lord who will lift us up.

What Shane shared with us was his struggle with depression after one of his best friends passed away unexpectedly in high school after being told his leukemia had been miraculously cured. Sad and tear-filled as it was, it was also the story of how Shane had just – as of last Tuesday at training – was released of his depression and thoughts of suicide. He is no longer living under the burden of depression but rather in the light of Christ and taking every opportunity to know that God loves him and has a plan for him.

And that’s when I realized – my own insecurities, my own struggles and deepest fears need to be lifted up to the Lord. If I renounce my burdens and my own problems to Him, then I will not be concerned about myself, but rather trust in God to lead me in my life. As hard as it was and as much as I fought it, I knew in my heart that I could not go on living how I was: in fear of judgement, failure, in the fear of being unworthy, unable, unwilling… I struggled, as everyone does, but then I CHOSE to release. I chose to give all my fears to Him and take that leap of faith.

Earlier in training and at company dinner, we did this exercise… Who knows if it works or if people are just crazy, but basically, you sit with a partner and ask God if He has anything to say to you for your partner. 2 minutes in silence and an open mind. Granted, the first time I did this, I envisioned my partner dancing on a lily pad and holding an umbrella while candy rained from the sky. The meaning of that is still TBD. But what my partner had for me was “Love my people”.

The second time I did this activity, a different partner told me that I would have struggles with my faith this summer but I need to stay strong. Stay strong, he said.
Background to this part is that my older brother Mike said once that I always appear so strong and capable. However, there are plenty of times where I feel the far opposite. It is so hard to stay strong when you’re unsure of what happens next or who God really is. But it is at this point where you have the choice – do you stay in a place of fear and doubt? Or do you trust in God and release it all to Him and know that He will take care of it?
About halfway through community/worship time, my friend, Andrew, came up to me and began praying for me. He said: “Lord, please help Leslie not to doubt. There is no reason to doubt.”

To sum up, I have told God “I’m coming for you” and when I am weak and when I struggle, be my guide, my path, my goal. Watch out, God, because I’m going to find you and I’m coming fast for you. It won’t be just this summer and it won’t be just this job. In every breath, every step, every thing I do will be by Him and for Him. I may never catch Him or find Him, but I surely will run to where He is and try to live as He does.


love, Leslie


Colorado, the beautiful

Hello! Thanks for tuning into &AlltheRest: blogging for the independent mind. (Pitch Perfect reference; har har)

A few days ago, we moved into Lucille Erwin Middle School in Loveland, CO from our temporary training facility at YMCA of the Rockies of Estes Park, CO, which, I might add, is gorgeous beyond belief. (see instagrammed photo below)


Ooh ahh… yes, gorgeous. Additionally, we had the weekend off from an information-loaded week of training and got a chance to explore Colorado and its beauties. Saturday morning, I cheered on some of my fellow summer staffers running Sierra’s 5K Race Against Meningitis — a great time with great people for a great cause. In the afternoon, we hiked around Rocky Mountain National Park, had a snowball fight, and represented the University of Wisconsin-Madison at 11,796 feet above sea level.

 Image Image


The sites were breathtaking (literally, there was minimal air #altitudeproblems) and I definitely got my exercise in. We spent the evening in downtown Estes and headed back down the mountain for the night.

In the morning, majority of staff headed to Mill City Church for service and worship. Because Fort Collins (where the church is located) is a huge college town with young adults like us, the music and congregation was incredibly welcoming and supportive of our mission. They prayed over us with hands extended, murmuring reaffirming “yes”‘s when the MC blessed us. It was by far the most powerful encounter with prayer I have experienced since being here; it was a true blessing to know that I am meant to be here and that the work we will be doing is supported by those who don’t even know us. God brought all of us summer staffers here for a reason and I am so grateful for all the support of communities and all of you reading along.

So looking forward on the week, I’ll be learning more exciting things about crew managing and communicating with people I will be working with at camp. This includes assigning crews, planning vehicle routes and managing kitchen staff.

Gonna go learn to drive a Penske truck! toodaloo!