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Hi, I Love You

Today starts set-up week for camp #3. 

As much as I love it, I must also say that with each new day comes new challenges. For example, today was the most bizarre day of them all.

On the way to Troy, MO from St. Louis, Macy and I took two wrong turns, lost the boys and almost ran out of gas. When we finally met up with the guys at a Subway, Macy found a credit card on the ground with the same last name as hers. The water dispenser rumbled and shook whenever I tried to get water, and then in the car, our two main go-to channels were playing the same song. Needless to say, it felt like we were in an alternate universe today. 

Finally reaching our set-up hotel, everything wound down and we’ve been doing some logistics work to start our last camp off right. Already visited the hospital to inform them of our presence in the community next week and the manager seemed curious as to our doings in Troy these next two weeks. It’s reassuring especially when the week gets busy but it’s time to make the most of our last camp.

So in this eclectic post, maybe I can pull something meaningful out of it…

Philippians 2:3-4 says: “Don’t be jealous or proud, but be humble and consider others more important than yourselves. Care about them as much as you care about yourselves”

So whether you’re religious, a Christian, an atheist, a patriot or a sinner, maybe take today or tomorrow to remember that people are people no matter what their beliefs or actions. Share the love today and smile at someone new.

A smile from me to you, 



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3 Clear, 3 Transparent & How Animals Eat Their Food

This morning at lunch line, Lion King was blasting from my phone and sleepy campers came a-staggering over toward my end of the cafeteria.

Now let me tell you a smidgen about lunch line — It’s a super speedy, super fun assembly line of all the food each crew needs for the day. They bring their coolers in from outside, fill ’em up with water bottles, sandwich making goods, chips and a loaf of bread, and shoot out the door for it to be picked up by their vehicle. Sometimes I sing them a song about lunch line; sometimes they get Kevin making funny voices at them. Today, however, they were asked to take 3 clear water bottles and 3 transparent ones.


If you don’t get it, that’s okay because neither did some kids this morning. 🙂

But so far, so good. Campers rock. Hospitality teams and snacks provided by the cosponsor rock. Programs TOTALLY rock.

Today is our half day, so campers come back around 12:30 pm and vacate the school for the whole afternoon. We as staff get to take a shower, nap for a few hours, eat lobster and get rejuvenated for the end of the week! I’m so excited for my nap, you have no idea.

Aaand the variety show is tonight!!! Workcamp calls it “variety” not “talent” because it is not a contest, and it is probably more appropriate to say “variety” anyways. This evening, we’ll be entertained with a tap dancer, a violin/piano/singing duet, poetry, a juggler, some music, and a rendition of “How Animals Eat Their Food”. If you have not seen this video, please reference grand ole YouTube here.

Additionally for Lights Out, Macy and I will be doing a dramatic poetry reading of “Call Me Maybe”. Video to come?? Stay tuned!

Thanks for your support & love! You’re wonderful. I’m gonna have an awesome day and I hope you do too!

booom boom pow,

Leslie ♥

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And Awaaay They Go!!

Today is the first day of camp in Harbor Creek, PA and let me tell you: these kids rock. Majority of campers at this camp are vets and have been to camp before, which is AWESOME because they bring with them so much personality and enthusiasm. They would have been out on sites last night if we had let them!

So looking forward on this week, my only anxieties are that crews will forget their lunch, get confused on their projects, or be unhappy on their crews. As a crew manager, I am responsible for making sure everyone is where they need to be, has what they need and has enough food for the week. For the most part, it’s well-organized and I am confident in the system I’ve been trained to run. However, there are times when I just feel like something’s missing, like something might go wrong. Uncertainty is the hugest butt in the world. It’s stressful sending 400+ people out into a random community to knock nails into houses, and one can only pray that it all goes okay.

I’m praying for a brilliant and successful week and I really just ask for your prayers for me, the campers, residents and all the volunteers this week. Fingers crossed no one gets lost today!

ring ring answering telephones,


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Is That Your Red Shirt’s Coat?

Hello! Hello! Hello!

Welcome back! Sorry I’ve missed you all recently, last week was bustling with sweaty campers decorated in paint from work sites (probably more on them than the walls) and tons of fun and Jesus-loving!

An update on this past camp: All our work sites were in Norristown, PA and were primarily interior and exterior paint projects. Many of the houses were smaller brick homes, much like the ones you see in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and have tight working conditions inside.

After the final tally, 56 out of 57 work sites were completed with 397 participants hammering and painting away all throughout Norristown. Below is a map of the city and all the sites the campers worked on last week. It’s pretty amazing how much can get accomplished in just a matter of 5 days. I’m so proud of all our youth and youth leaders who really worked hard to accomplish as much as they did.

photo (4)

Looking into this week and the next is our next camp over in Harbor creek, PA — right next door to Erie, PA.

We are currently staying with our cosponsor in Erie for the week in her home with 5+ kids, 4 dogs, 2 birds and a fish. So that’s fun! A cosponsor is basically the person who comes up with half the money to sponsor a camp in their area, while Group (our company) pays for the other half.

Short story with this: Our cosponsor, JoAnn, found out about 3 weeks ago that the person who was in charge of fundraising for this camp had only raised $200 out of the $19,000 that was supposed to be raised for this camp. So, in a minor panic, JoAnn took a breath, took over fundraising and placed it in God’s hands. In a matter of 3 weeks, she’s come up with a little over $15,000 to put on this camp. Amazing to say the least. Majority of the funds came from a network of churches, friends and neighbors who set out the news about Workcamp by word of mouth. It’s 4 days until camp starts and checks are still flowing into her mailbox every day. Thank God for all the support throughout this community we’ll be helping next week.

I’m excited to get rolling again after this brief break of 13 hour sleeps and endless movie-watching, but it was well-deserved and much needed. Yesterday, JoAnn took our crew out to tour the highs and lows of Erie as well as out on the peninsula, where we watched the sun set over Lake Erie. And no Erie night would be incomplete without some good old ice cream at Sarah’s! Mmm…..

1011231_10200989698000261_1337373133_n 1002243_10200989695480198_277537796_n photo (6)


Stoked for the Fourth & next week! Thanks for sticking with me!