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An average twenty-something who wants you know that you can conquer the world. Phil 4:13

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The Final One

How often do you give in to your immediate impulses? Whether it be an ice cream come from McDonald’s or a cute shirt at the store. Maybe it’s opting to watch TV instead of doing chores or choosing to do something stupidly spontaneous with your friends. When we do this, we often forget reasons for why we do it and focus on the instant gratification of getting what we want. Is there a higher purpose in the immediate choice? Are we acting out of love? or greed? Things like the Seven Deadly Sins may seem like a foreign mythology but they are more active in our lives than most people would anticipate. Where are your priorities and what is it that you value? Do those values stay present in the every day or do they get pushed to the side while other idols take the forefront of your mind? What is really happening? and what do we do?

We give in to our human inability to control ourselves. Living out of essentially one suitcase and my kicks all summer, I’ve come to realize that the things that matter, aren’t things I can see all the time. Often the big, consumer-media world we live in destroys our basic values of what we are here for. For me, I found that out this summer.

It’s people. It’s ways of living. Living simply. Taking away all the extras and working with what you have and God. It’s being present. Loving others as God loves us. When we realize that He’s in it for us, we can finally make the choice to be in it for Him. Working and breathing mission work all summer not only gave me a constant spiritual outlook on life, but also a practical, realistic view that I need to give up everything and follow Him. I’m not talking about the house, the car or the shoes on your feet, but all the earthly, physical desires that draw us further away from leading a loving life. What we have to offer is far more than money and attention, but love and understanding. Take time to listen, smile at someone, smile at yourself. Do yourself a favor and ask God what He wants for you, instead of focusing on what you want for you. I know I’m not perfect and that the choices I make are mine alone, but if you let Him guide you, the burdens of life become His, which he willing died on the cross to do. Smile today and know that you are loved. Live a life that would make Him proud and never look back on the mistakes you made, but move forward in Christ to live a better tomorrow.

Peace & warmest blessings,