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An average twenty-something who wants you know that you can conquer the world. Phil 4:13

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I’m Sorry, I Lied

So I know I said that my last post was the “final one”, but there’s plenty more I feel needs to be said that needs to go somewhere… So here I am, typing away because of so many reasons:

  • I am a student.
  • I am a daughter.
  • I am an aspiring inspirer.
  • I am a working success story.
  • I am leader by example.
  • and I am a follower of Christ.

For all of these reasons, I am pleased and excited to say that the record of my thoughts and experiences is not over.

The following post is a reflection I had after reading about the Colorado floods on CNN last week and then proceeding to read headline after headline of tragedy and death in our daily news… The following is not meant to be sad, but rather uplifting and maybe eye-opening. Please read with an open mind & heart.

Love always,


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