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I’m Sorry, I Lied

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So I know I said that my last post was the “final one”, but there’s plenty more I feel needs to be said that needs to go somewhere… So here I am, typing away because of so many reasons:

  • I am a student.
  • I am a daughter.
  • I am an aspiring inspirer.
  • I am a working success story.
  • I am leader by example.
  • and I am a follower of Christ.

For all of these reasons, I am pleased and excited to say that the record of my thoughts and experiences is not over.

The following post is a reflection I had after reading about the Colorado floods on CNN last week and then proceeding to read headline after headline of tragedy and death in our daily news… The following is not meant to be sad, but rather uplifting and maybe eye-opening. Please read with an open mind & heart.

Love always,


There are few things in life that make me cry. One is death. Not the thought of death or the fear that someday we’ll all die, but rather the taking of someone’s life seemingly too soon by catastrophe or misunderstanding. There have been one too many of things happening recently that is not only sad, but incredibly disturbing – and that is the destruction of people’s lives by way of another’s hand or decision. We can blame the media or the somehow abstract picture of “society” that we hold to be separate from ourselves, but what we should be blaming is ourselves. I should not be so bold as to accuse any particular person or group of individuals for the deterioration of our society, but just to point out that it is within each of our powers to do the good things in life that others are scared to do. Maybe it’s as simple as making eye contact with a person on the street or saying hi to the person sitting next to you on the bus. We go about our lives like we are the only ones that exist and that the only things that matter are our beliefs, our friends, our priorities. Like we’re walking around in a bubble and the people passing around us are doing simply that: going around us. But what if we let them into our lives? Just for that brief second. It’s human nature to fear and at the same time not seem vulnerable, but once we can push past that fear and realize we’re all here together, simple, wonderful things can happen. Maybe – just maybe – we’d be able to see that there’s more we have in common than walking on the same ground. That we are all people living and breathing on the same earth, with hearts and minds and souls that matter. If maybe you had smiled at that person or opened the door for them, then maybe – just maybe – it would have made their day a little bit better. We can go and blame external sources for the problems in the world, but really, why blame another and not do anything when you can change your own actions to create a world of peace and understanding. “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – That’s what they’ve always told me.

Leslie Boey, September 12, 2013

Author: leslieboey

Leslie Boey is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, studying Communication Arts. She hails from New Berlin, WI near Milwaukee and lives with her two brothers, parents and loving pooch, Cooper. She is a member of the Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team and is a leader involved in her living community at school. Her socks rarely match and extreme sports make her go bonkers. She strives for excellence, happiness and Jesus. Life enthusiast.

One thought on “I’m Sorry, I Lied

  1. Leslie

    What beautiful thoughts put in a lucid way. I have shared your sentiments a long time ago. When I am overwhelmed by all the bad things humans do to one another I always pray that I will be the one starting point whereby I touch those around me with love. When those I touch do the same then the love spreads….that is all we can do. God is love and we share God with everyone we touch in our daily lives, be it our friends we see during the day, family members, the people we have to interact with or the complete stranger we make eye contact with and give a smile to. You are blessed with insight and I am so proud of you because you allow God to shine through you.

    All my love Mama

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