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Why College Is Limbo

Domenico Beccafumi's depiction of Jesus leadin...

Domenico Beccafumi’s depiction of Jesus leading the patriarchs out of limbo c.1530-1535

College — it’s the intersection of identity and truth.

And the greatest game of limbo ever played.

Why limbo? Because you’re in a place of ambiguity. Where do you fit? Who are you? What do you believe in and how do you identify yourself?

Being a Catholic female in college, I’m faced with too many options. To put it in perspective, I live on one of the most liberal campuses in the nation, but the church I attend is incredibly conservative. I’m told by peers and so many others that because you are a Catholic, you should do this and should do that. Go to church. Pray a lot. Do all the good Catholic things. But at the same time, to what extent do I follow tradition versus my own convictions?

And where do I fit in gender roles? Am I a woman? A young lady? How do I act? What expectations are there of me? What expectations do I want of myself? How lady-like should I act? But wait, what about that “strong, independent woman”???

The tear between tradition and rebellion, independence and controversy is something I face every day. On top of that, I’m still expected to get good grades, plan for my future, be emotionally stable, have responsibilities AND get enough sleep? That’s a steep order.

So if anyone finds the quick fix panacea, please let me and the rest of my struggling college-aged peers know. I will gift you with a badge of master limbo-ry and a lifetime of gratitude.