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An average twenty-something who wants you know that you can conquer the world. Phil 4:13

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11 Steps to Success for the Closet Champion

(n) closet champion – someone who wants to be better, more courageous, more etc. but is held back by fear

Example: The closet champion is awesome but needs to take a little hop out the door to therefore be the outwardly awesome champion that he/she really is.

STEP 1: Admit that you need help.

-It’s okay to admit to people that sometimes you just don’t know.

STEP 2: Don’t be ashamed to ask for help.

– Nobody expects you to have the whole knowledge of the human race stored up in your brain. People like being asked for advice, and it’s a humble thing to let people know that you need them sometimes.

STEP 3: Don’t be afraid to be actively curious.

-Ask questions. Get interested in things. Explore. Adventure the amazing wealth of knowledge before you. *cough* internet *cough* *cough* Go out and find things that make your brain smile.

STEP 4: Find what you love and work really hard at it.

-It’s always better to do something you’re passionate about because you’ll do it with all your heart and make it into something incredibly awesome.

STEP 5: Surround yourself with people that make you want to be better.

-Make friends with people you admire. Whether it’s their work ethic, personality or something else entirely. Don’t think of yourself as inferior, but see the people around you as other awesome people who can help each other be the best people they can be.

STEP 6: Listen more. Talk less.

-Hear what other people have to say. It shows that you care about them as a person and value their thoughts.

STEP 7: Ask questions!

-I said it before, but I’ll say it again because it’s that important. DO IT. YOU LEARN THINGS. About topics, people, life, travel, history, the world in general…

STEP 8: Be assertive: speak your mind.

-Learn and work on being articulate and tactful. You have great ideas and your thoughts can mean a lot. Constructing your words to mean what you think is crucial to moving forward not only personally, but also in any career in the future.

STEP 9: Don’t be afraid to do your own thing.

-If painting makes you happy, paint. If long runs make you happy, go run. If cozying up in bed and watching Netflix on a Friday night makes you feel content with life, do that. Don’t ever feel like you have to do something. A polite decline will always do.

STEP 10: Stay active. Stay healthy.

-Keep your mind motivated and interested. Eat well. Take care of yourself. Keep your body healthy so that you can continue to do all the things you love.

STEP 11: Trust in God. And if you don’t believe in God, trust in something bigger than yourself.

>A wise kid once told me that believing that there’s a bigger picture takes the weight off your own shoulders and lets you breathe a little more. So breathe a lot. (You need it to live.)

Follow these steps and say goodbye to the Harry Potter closet. Step out and conquer the world – one step at a time. Share this with another closet champion and let them know that they can do it too.

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I Thought I Would Always Be A Rockstar, But Then I Realized It’s Just A Bad Drink.

Looking back at my life, ya know, the past 20 years or so, I’ve had it super good. I have a family that loves me, I’ve always had a roof over my head, good grades, didn’t need to worry about homework or college or getting a job, having great hair, none of that.

And then I got to college. I figured, yeah it’d be like high school. I was gonna be a rock star and be automatically awesome at everything including school. In my first semester, I had pulled 3 all-nighters, skipped more than half of my math lectures, almost failed calculus and gotten a 2.9 GPA. If you know the struggle bus, man, I was driving that thing like it was my job. The struggle was as real as it was going to get. And it didn’t get much better. Second semester, I was still trying to make it as an engineering student. The Dangerous Duo of Math and Science continued to stomp on my grades and my self-esteem.

And then it clicked.

College wasn’t about me trying to be someone who I had been convinced I had to be, but rather college is about forming who I wanted to be. It was about embracing my strengths and finding passion in subject matter that interested me and got me excited about learning. Now, I’m a full-blown Communications major with an interest in religion, art and creative writing. It may seem like I should have known this all along, but the truth is that I didn’t. I was so blind to seeing the amazing opportunities the world has to offer that it spun me into a dark hole I never expected to fall into.

But here’s the thing: Everybody hits a low point.

At some point, you’re going to struggle. Who knows what that struggle may be (school, life, deciding what to order at Wendy’s) but it’s going to happen. You’re human.

But you have to pick yourself up. Put on your sneakers. Find what you love. And go for it.

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Go Be Awesome Today.

I spend many nights fidgety and awake because I want the world to be different.

I want people to know how awesome they are and that it’s okay if they mess up. Life’s not about being perfect; it’s about being you. And you, you’re amazing.

It’s about working harder, living stronger and loving every moment of it.

It’s about people. Not things. Physical things are okay for a while, but at the end of the day, it’s just a thing. Like food is great! (MMM FOOD) Until you eat it. Then it’s gone.

A friend will always be there. Unless you eat them. Then they’re gone. 

But it’s the people, not the things that will make you happy in life. It won’t be the car that will depreciate over time. It won’t be the thousands of dollars you make or the house of your dreams that you constructed on Pinterest. Unless that house has people you love in it. People with whom you can laugh and cry and make memories with.

Life’s about the people. And how awesome they are. How you are. And how you treat them. As Kid President says:

“Just treat everyone like it’s their birthday.”

Life can be hard. But you’re better than that. Don’t settle. BE GREAT.

So go out and be awesome. Because the world can be a better place. And it starts with you.