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An average twenty-something who wants you know that you can conquer the world. Phil 4:13

Go Be Awesome Today.

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I spend many nights fidgety and awake because I want the world to be different.

I want people to know how awesome they are and that it’s okay if they mess up. Life’s not about being perfect; it’s about being you. And you, you’re amazing.

It’s about working harder, living stronger and loving every moment of it.

It’s about people. Not things. Physical things are okay for a while, but at the end of the day, it’s just a thing. Like food is great! (MMM FOOD) Until you eat it. Then it’s gone.

A friend will always be there. Unless you eat them. Then they’re gone. 

But it’s the people, not the things that will make you happy in life. It won’t be the car that will depreciate over time. It won’t be the thousands of dollars you make or the house of your dreams that you constructed on Pinterest. Unless that house has people you love in it. People with whom you can laugh and cry and make memories with.

Life’s about the people. And how awesome they are. How you are. And how you treat them. As Kid President says:

“Just treat everyone like it’s their birthday.”

Life can be hard. But you’re better than that. Don’t settle. BE GREAT.

So go out and be awesome. Because the world can be a better place. And it starts with you.

Author: leslieboey

Leslie Boey is a sophomore at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, studying Communication Arts. She hails from New Berlin, WI near Milwaukee and lives with her two brothers, parents and loving pooch, Cooper. She is a member of the Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team and is a leader involved in her living community at school. Her socks rarely match and extreme sports make her go bonkers. She strives for excellence, happiness and Jesus. Life enthusiast.

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